Monday, March 6, 2006

Hugo nomination deadline is this Friday

Just a polite reminder for those who were members of last year's Worldcon in Glasgow or are members of this year's Worldcon in Los Angeles that the Hugo voting deadline is this Friday (end of the day).

I hope you'll consider my novel Mindscan, published by Tor, and my novella "Identity Theft" from Down These Dark Spaceways -- "Identity Theft" is a current Nebula nominee.

Hugo nominators can find the full text of "Identity Theft" here as a PDF file and here as a Word document.

Of course, I'd be nothing without my editors: David G. Hartwell (who edited Mindscan) and Mike Resnick (who edited "Identity Theft") are both eligible in the Best Editor category -- and Mike, of course, is eligible for his fiction, too. And I have to say that Stephan Martiniere deserves a Hugo nomination for his wonderful work, which included the Mindscan cover.


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