Thursday, May 11, 2006

Film options

Well, it's probably time for some good news. I've recently done a couple of movie-option deals I'm very pleased about; both deals were negotiated by Eli Kirschner of Created By, my Hollywood agents, although as it happens both are with Toronto companies.

The first is an option on my most-recent novel, Mindscan, with Scott Calbeck, a producer/screenwriter here in Toronto.

The second is on my Nebula Award-winning The Terminal Experiment with Toronto's Divani Films, headed by producer Srinivas Krishna -- we're just finishing up crossing the T's and dotting the I's on the long-form agreement, but the project (with my blessing) has already received development funding from Telefilm Canada, as you can see in this press release.

To quote from the release:

Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce its support of 83 highly original and distinctively Canadian English-language feature films in development -- ranging from outrageous comedies to insightful dramas, from heart pounding thrillers to evocative love stories.

Telefilm's Development Component, through the Canada Feature Film Fund, is designed to assist producers as they develop their project from the screenwriting stage through to the packaging stage.

Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated to the development and promotion of the Canadian film, television and new media industries. With the objective of building larger audiences for Canadian cultural products, the Corporation acts as a partner to the private sector through investments in diverse productions with wide appeal.


At May 11, 2006 5:51 PM , Anonymous Dwight Williams said...

Good news, indeed!

If the finished product actually happens, I look forward to seeing Toronto playing Toronto therein...and with the fast-food chain name joke intact, as well. ;-)

At May 12, 2006 10:03 PM , Blogger GP said...

Wasn't there some mention of Illegal Alien becoming a movie at some point as well? Any idea on when some of these movie projects might come to fruition?

At May 12, 2006 10:10 PM , Blogger RobertJSawyer said...

Yes, Illegal Alien has been under option for ten years now. Whether any of these will ever actually get made, who knows? It's a slow process, and things get winnowed out at every stage. But of course I have my fingers crossed!


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