Thursday, May 11, 2006

Go to ToBeCONtinued; have fun!

Big-name Chicago fan Steven H. Silver posted the following in my Yahoo! Groups newsgroup. I replied there, but I thought I should also post my reply here. Steven said:

Many people in Chicago fandom have announced their plans to avoid the con this weekend, partly due to the con's treatment of Rob. Many others weren't planning on going because of past dealings with certain members of the con committee. Many who are going have plans to explain what happened whenever they have the opportunity.

My response: Well, I thank people for setting the record straight. But I'm certainly not asking anyone to boycott this convention. I fully understand that the fault is that of Bob Palmer -- one person -- and that presumably many other, good people have worked on and financially supported this convention. Go, have a good time, drink a toast to an absent friend, and enjoy. :)


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