Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jack Vance is this year's Most Collectable Author

I see that Barry R. Levin Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature -- the world's leading SF rare-book dealer, located in Santa Monica -- has named Jack Vance this year's recipient of The Collectors Award from Most Collectable Author of the Year. And an excellent choice he is, too!

I was honored to get this same honor two years ago. The trophy is stunning and gigantic, a beautiful tower of Lucite surmounted by a polished travertine sphere representing a planet. A complete list of previous author winners:

2005 (18th annual): Jack Vance
2004 (17th annual): Susanna Clarke
2003 (16th annual): Robert J. Sawyer
2002 (15th annual): Neil Gaiman
2001 (14th annual): J.K. Rowling (2nd time)
2000 (13th annual): J.K. Rowling (1st time)
1999 (12th annual): Neal Stephenson
1998 (11th annual): Peter F. Hamilton
1997 (10th annual): Stephen Baxter
1996 ( 9th annual): Stephen King (3rd time)
1995 ( 8th annual): Lois McMaster Bujold
1994 ( 7th annual): Anne Rice
1993 ( 6th annual): Michael Crichton
1992 ( 5th annual): Stephen King (2nd time)
1991 ( 4th annual): Dan Simmons
1990 ( 3rd annual): Stephen King (1st time)
1989 ( 2nd annual): Salman Rushdie
1988 ( 1st annual): Dean R. Koontz

Also given annually: awards to Most Collectable Book of the year, and a Lifetime Collectors award. Information on this year's winners are here, and past winners are here.


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