Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Stardance Project

My great friend Jeanne Robinson -- wife of writer Spider Robinson -- was shortlisted to go into space aboard the Shuttle as part of the NASA's Civilians in Space program. After the Challenger disaster, that program got cancelled, and Jeanne never got to go into space, where she would have pioneered zero-gravity dance, as described in the novel Stardance that she and Spider wrote together.

But the dream lives on. Spider, Jeanne, and Michael Lennick -- producer of Discovery Channel's Rocket Science and author of the screenplay adaptation of my Illegal Alien -- plus Hugo Winning artist Ron Miller and others, have teamed up to make a computer-generated film based on Stardance -- and they need your help! Check out how you can become an honorary stardancer by visiting the project's website at www.spiderrobinson.com/stardance.htm.


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