Sunday, May 14, 2006

ToBeCONtinued: Palmer recants, apologizes

As I said in this post, Bob Palmer lied to an author friend of mine whom Palmer was trying to entice to replace me as Guest of Honor about why I wasn't attending ToBeCONtinued 5 this weekend, and my friend, knowing I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, with no travel restrictions whatsoever, asked Palmer to explain why he was saying I couldn't enter the States.

Palmer has sent this reply to my friend (quoted in its entirety -- the ellipsis points are how the original ends; the odd capitalization is in the original, too):

"Apologies To Mr Sawyer And You For Us Not Booking His Travel On Time. No Issues With Crossing Exist, Just Us Not Booking Travel On Time. Sorry For Previous Emails Being Wrong. Sorry Mr. Sawyer. Tbc..."


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