Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Spotlight: Panel Suggestions

I've been involved in a lot of discussions lately about potential panels for the science-fiction Con-Version 22 in Calgary this August. I have a long-standing special relationship with Con-Version: I was Author Guest at the mini-con Con-Version 21.5 held last summer in conjunction with Westercon, Canadian Guest of Honour at Con-Version 20, Toastmaster at Con-Version 19, Special Guest at Con-Version 15, and Canadian Guest of Honour at Con-Version 14.

Anyway, I pointed them to an existing list of panel topic suggestions I had on my web site, and added a whole bunch of new ones in literary areas, which are appended at the end.

I can't say whether any of these will be on the final programming at Con-Version, but for those who've never been to an SF convention before they give a taste of the sorts of discussions one might expect to see at one, and I offer them up as this week's Monday Spotlight, highlighting one of the 500+ documents on my website at

Convention Panel Suggestions



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