Friday, July 21, 2006

Hugo voting deadline very soon

Cough, cough ...

The received-by deadline for Hugo ballots sent by paper mail is July 31 -- so if you haven't mailed yours in, you should do so this weekend. :)

The deadline for electronic ballots -- which you can cast here -- is the same date, but you'll need your Hugo voting PIN to vote online. That PIN is on the mailing label for the April L.A.con IV progress report, and is also on the mailing label affixed to the July progess report, which was mailed recently (it's also the same PIN as you used for Hugo nominating).

And "Identity Theft," my l'il ole nominated novella, is here -- and electronic copies of three of this year's nominated novels are available here, and most of the other nominees are here.

(And let's hope that this year's Hugo base design is at least as pretty as the one above, from 2003 ...)


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