Wednesday, September 13, 2006

All the boys love Mandy Lane ...

... and so do I.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this week. Executive Producer is Keith Calder, who, as Variety reported, has optioned film rights to my Hugo-, Nebula-, and Aurora-Award-nominated novella "Identity Theft."

Carolyn and I didn't go to the first screening at the festival, which was appropriately at midnight, but we made it to the Monday afternoon screening, at the Royal Ontario Museum. This is an incredibly well-done teen horror film.

Although lots of comparisons come to mind, it reminded me of Carrie, although without the supernatural elements, in its oh-so-painfully-real portrayal of what its like to be an outsider in high school.

The dialog was wonderfully naturalistic (and, at the Q&A following the screening, when the host suggested it sounded ad libbed, director Jonathan Levine quite rightly turned to scriptwriter Jacob Forman and said that it had all been fully scripted -- nice to see the writer getting his due!).

A very fine review of the film is here.

The big news from the Festival is that the Weinstein Company just signed a multi-million dollar theatrical distribution deal for Mandy Lane -- one of the few big deals inked at the Toronto Festival this year, according to Variety. Congratulations, Keith!

(Pictured: Amber Heard as Mandy Lane)


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