Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Photos from the Mississauga Write-Off

Down below, in my blog entries from August 31, 2006, through September 4, 2006, I describe the first-ever Mississauga Write-Off, a writing retreat held at Carolyn and my place over the Labour Day long weekend, with these participants: Carolyn Clink, Al Katerinsky, Herb Kauderer, Val King, Randy McCharles, Robert J. Sawyer, Elizabeth Trenholm, and Hayden Trenholm.

It was very productive for us, and I thought I'd share a few photos:

Rob worked from his usual La-Z-Boy in his office.

Liz found a comfy couch in Carolyn's office ...

... while Val stretched out on a couch in our sunroom.

Randy scored the recliner in the living room ...

... and Herb did a lot of work out on the balcony.

Al preferred the kitchen table ...

... while Hayden took a little time off to read and enjoy a beer.

On Sunday night, we all gathered in the living room for readings.

Carolyn kept everything running smoothly all weekend long.


At September 06, 2006 4:25 PM , Blogger E.Jim Shannon said...


That's some view you got up there.

Looks like you folks had a lot of fun. Nothing ever exciting happens here in Edmonton these days. The Clash wrote a great tune called "City of the Dead." and the song seems to be an appropriate anthem for the boredom that goes on around here lately.

Maybe we're just taking a "time out" from last Springs Oiler Stanley Cup Playoff run ;-)

Thanks for the photo's

At September 06, 2006 5:17 PM , Blogger RobertJSawyer said...

Yeah, I live in a penthouse -- 2,300 square feet, 23 floors up -- and the have a 320-degree view of the surroudings through the various windows in my place.

On the other hand, to keep me humble, there's a 33-story building near us, and that building's rec center has a bowling alley!

At September 08, 2006 10:10 PM , Anonymous liz trenholm said...

Liz of Hayden & Liz here. Hayden & I are so inspired by the Mississauga Write-off that we're staging our own Liz-and-Hayden-Show Writeoff next month on the first weekend we're simultaneously at home (lots of travel in our family).
I recommend it to any writing couple with busy "other" lives. Shut off the TV & radio, close the books, ignore the puddles on the kitchen floor & write, write, write.
Late Sunday afternoon, fire up a glass of your favourite beverage and read tempting snippets to each other.
What happens next is up to you and none of our business.

At September 09, 2006 2:44 AM , Blogger Drakkenfyre said...


Edmonton is the City of the Dead in one of the best ways. The best gothic/darkwave/industrial club I've ever been to is there. Suburbs. Where black is the new black.

And there are some great pubs in Deadmonton. Uh, just don't tell the other Calgarians I said that.

But seriously, there is a lot of coolness to Edmonton, but it takes some finding.

And Liz: He he, sounds like two excellent ideas. :)


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