Monday, October 2, 2006

Photos in Locus

This may be a record for photos of my in Locus, the SF trade journal -- six in one issue! I'm clearly visible in the front row of the audience for the Hugo Awards in Los Angeles in August on page 7, there's a nice photo of me (in a tux, no less!) on page 10, I'm in the Odyssey group photo on page 11, I'm in the Writers of the Future group photo on page 12, and there are two pictures of me at the Worldcon on page 41.

And Fitzhenry and Whiteside's marketing department has been hard at work: there's a terrific ad for Robert J. Sawyer Books on page 51, featuring our two latest trade paperbacks (following their successful hardcover runs), Karl Schroeder's THE ENGINE OF RECALL and Danita Maslan's ROGUE HARVEST.

Actually, I must say, looking at the ad makes me quite proud. Besides Karl and Danita, seeing the other great names that have helped out: Stephen Baxter (who did the introduction to Karl's book), L.E. Modesitt (who did a wonderful blurb for Danita's), Cory Doctorow (who we quote on the cover of Karl's). It's grown to be a very nice little line of books, and I'm pleased. :)


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