Monday, October 23, 2006

Regina, Montreal, and Surrey were great

I had great times in Regina, Montreal, and Surrey. In Regina, I gave a keynote at a conference on the future of nursing sponsored by the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association

I read at three libraries in Montreal in a very well organized mini-tour sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts, and spent this past weekend at the Surrey International Writers Conference, which was absolutely terrific.

One of the nice things about this life is that no matter where I go, it seems I have friends there. DAW author Edward Willett kindly picked me up at the Regina airport; Julia Taminiau and Debi Ancel, who are fans of my work, drove me around in Montreal; and my student and friend Bonnie Jean Mah picked me up at the Vancouver airport. Thanks, guys!

I'm home in Toronto until Friday, when Carolyn and I head off to Denver, where I'm Guest of Honor at MileHiCon, then, miraculously, I've got three whole months in which I don't have to fly anywhere. Finally some time to relax by the fireplace -- and write!


At October 24, 2006 1:16 PM , Blogger J Erwine said...

Looking forward to seeing you at MileHiCon! We're even supposed to have good weather for the weekend, which is almost unheard of around here.

For some reason, the last week of October is usually frigid with ice and snow...with Halloween usually being the worst day of them all.

Anyway, it looks like they've done a good job getting ready for this year's con, so I hope you enjoy Denver.


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