Saturday, April 14, 2007

Photos from the Bakka-Phoenix book launch

... are on Flickr, in the Quill and Quire photo pool. The ones by "Harbourlight" from today are from my launch -- that's the online name of Gene Wilburn; you can also see the pictures on Gene's page (where they're laid out better).

The launch was a huge success, and a very auspicious start to my book tour! I was amazed at the range of people who came out: two of my high-school English teachers, many of my former writing students, my mom, a couple of fans who came from Chicago for the event, some old high-school buddies, people from Quill & Quire (the Canadian publishing trade journal), people from H.B. Fenn and Company (Tor's Canadian distributor), the administrator of Berton House, other writers, and many more.

Bakka was packed, and the place was hoppin'. And we sold a ton of books! :)

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