Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Remind me of who you are, please

A little request for the upcoming book tour. Please, if I know you, remind me of who you are when you come up to say hello. I'll be exhausted, jet-lagged, and seeing lots of people out of context, and I'm personally just not that good with faces (I almost never remember someone's face after the first time I meet them).

So, come up and say, "Hi, Rob -- it's John Smith, you taught me at Banff a few years ago," or, "Hi, Rob -- it's Jane Doe, we were at Ryerson together." (The hardest ones are people I know online who I've never seen in the flesh before -- honestly, I have no idea what you look like, and can't identify you in a police line-up ... or a bookstore signing!)

Really, I probably do remember you, and want to make the connection, but I'll need a gentle reminder.

I felt lousy all through a recent con I was at in the U.S. because someone said hi to me, and I didn't immediately place them. Turns out it was someone I'd met six months earlier at a Writers of the Future event: I knew I knew the person, but out of context, and out of the blue, thousands of kilometers away, I couldn't place him immediately. So, do us both a favor! And, yes, please, please, do come up and say hello!

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