Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rob on the cover of Quill & Quire

Woohoo! I'm a cover boy! :)

Quill & Quire is the Canadian publishing trade journal -- the bible of the book trade in Canada -- and, to my delight, I'm on the cover of the May 2007 issue, which has just started shipping to subscribers and bookstores. The cover photo is by Kevin Kelly.

The issue features a profile of me by Gary Butler; a round-up article about 10 other Canadian SF author by Bakka-Phoenix manager Chris Szego; and an article by Scott MacDonald interviewing me, Robert Charles Wilson, Julie E. Czerneda, Karl Schroeder, and Cory Doctorow called "The Great SF Brain Drain: Why Do Canada's Science Fiction Authors Have to go South to get Published?"

Read all about the issue here, on Quill & Quire's official blog.

(Something not in this issue is a review of my Rollback; that's because Quill already ran their review last month. You can read it here.)

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