Sunday, May 6, 2007

SF people have become used to all the little slights and put-downs that readers and writers of science fiction have to endure in the mainstream media. And that's why this article from today's Toronto Star -- the largest-circulation newspaper in Canada -- charmed me so much. Google Alerts drew it to my attention because of a passing mention of my own work, but what the article consists of is just a pair of interviews with nice, normal people who love science fiction. One is Michael Lennick, a great friend of mine, and the other is Georgie Bell Johnson, a retired school teacher who does her church newsletter.

As readers of this blog know, I've just returned from 20 days of touring to promote my novel Rollback, and of course that experience underscored for me how pleasant, varied, and normal the science-fiction reading audience is -- but that fact so rarely gets reflected in mainstream coverage of the genre that I really do think the article from The Star is noteworthy.

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