Thursday, June 28, 2007

Praise for Rollback

The paperback of Rollback comes out February 6, 2008. That seems a long time from now (and it is, it is!, so you should all rush out and buy the hardcover!<grin>), but by the time I'm back in Toronto in October, the cover for the paperback will long since be done, and so I spent a little time today pulling together review excerpts and sending them on to Tor, so that they'd have them handy for choosing the ones to put on the paperback cover. Here are the quotes I pulled out:

"Sawyer, who has won Hugo and Nebula awards, may well win another major SF award with this superior effort." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"The characters bear their human strengths and weaknesses with dignity and poise. An elegantly told story; highly recommended." -- Library Journal (starred review)

"A novel to be savored by science-fiction and mainstream readers alike." -- The Globe and Mail

"Touching and thought-provoking, Rollback has become one of my favorite science fiction novels. Sawyer has written another classic." -- The Davis Enterprise

"An early candidate for sci-fi book of the year." -- Kansas City Star

"Highly recommended; it's a shoo-in to be short-listed for next year's major awards." -- SciFiDimensions

"Rollback gets my vote as SF novel of the year. A joy to read." -- Jack McDevitt

"A reminder of why Sawyer is one of our most highly regarded writers of speculative fiction, able to handle the demands of the heart and the cosmos with equal skill." -- Quill & Quire

"A thoroughly engaging story, with some of the most memorable people you'll ever meet." -- Analog

"Highly emotional and original, with sympathetic and believable characters. A riveting book." -- Romantic Times Book Reviews

"A fascinating drama, where joy and tragedy take human form; worth reading by genre and mainstream readers alike." -- SFRevu

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