Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rollback errata

Normally, by this point in one of my books' lives, my readers would have pointed out several typos, but so far no one has found a single one in Rollback. However, three astute readers have pointed out three errors I made, and I've asked Tor to fix them in the paperback:

Page 145, fourth full paragraph: "Nine-year-old Emily" should be "Ten-year-old Emily" (spotted by Shoshana Glick).

Page 298, first paragraph: "His Royal Highness" should say "His Majesty" (spotted by Danny M -- you're only "His Royal Highness" while a prince; once you become king, you're "Your Majesty").

Page 312, third full paragraph: "his father's first wife" should say "her father's first wife" (her, not his -- spotted by several people).

So: my typing skills are good; it's just my thinking that's defective! :)

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