Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Visiting Northern Ontario Schools

After the weekend in Sudbury, during which I got my honorary doctorate, Carolyn and I drove on to Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, where I spent the next two days -- Monday, June 4, and Tuesday, June 5, 2007 -- visiting with students from five area high schools. You can read an account of one of the visits here and here.

Special thanks to David Frech of Central Algoma Secondary School for coordinating all the school visits. The students -- ranging from grade 9 to 12, were all wonderfully inquisitive, polite, and pleasant, and they asked lots of great questions.

On Monday night, between the two days of school visits, I did a signing at the Coles bookstore in Cambrian Mall. It's a small mall, and it was a miserable, rainy night -- so I was very pleasantly surprised by the number of people who came out to the signing; I really quite enjoyed it.

After the last school visit, Carolyn and I did the seven-hour drive back to Mississauga -- whew! It's good to be home. And I am actually home for -- gasp! -- an entire week (until Wednesday, June 13, when I head off to Alberta to give the keynote address at the annual meeting of the Canadian Public Relations Society). Still busy, though: in the interim, it's BookExpo Canada, the big tradeshow.

Poster announcing Rob's visit to Korah School

Students listening to Rob at Central Algoma Secondary School in Desberats, Ontario

Rob joins in for a class photo at White Pines, a school in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (I'm wearing the official shirt of the Calgary Westercon from a couple of years ago)

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