Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Barry Gray

So, when I was heading up here, the previous writer said the little stereo at Berton House didn't have the right jack to plug in an MP3 player. Well, that turned out not to be true, but I'd left my cable back in Toronto because I'd been told I wouldn't need it.

But a week ago I bought two such cables -- one of which I'll leave behind at Berton House -- off of eBay. They arrived today, and now I have my Sony Clie TH55 (which is a fine MP3 player) plugged into the stero.

Unfortunately, I don't have much music on it (lots of content from, though). But I do have my library of music by Barry Gray, the brilliant composer for Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's British science-fiction series, including my personal theme song from Fireball XL5 (click to listen).

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