Monday, September 10, 2007

Actual fill-it-in Aurora ballot now available

The actual fill-it-in-and-mail-it ballot for the Aurora Awards is now available online as a PDF here.

If you're an attending member of VCon in Vancouver, voting is free; otherwise, it's Cdn$6.00 to vote -- the fees go entirely to pay for the Aurora Awards trophies (which are gorgeous and are designed and built by the wonderful Franklyn Johnson). You have to be a Canadian citizen, not necessarily living in Canada, or a permanent resident of Canada to vote.

You should mail your ballot by October 10 (exactly one month from now), or you can cast it in person at Con*Cept in Montreal or VCon in Vancouver.

And the Wiki version of the ballot is getting nicely populated with links to online versions of finalists. You can access that here.

Ballots go to:

VCON - Aurora 2007
2965, 11th Avenue West
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6K 2M4

The Aurora Awards web site is here.

The Robert J. Sawyer Web Site


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