Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last night at Diamond Tooth Gerties

Last night was the final night of the year at Diamond Tooth Gerties, the casino / night club here in Dawson, Yukon; it's now closed until next summer. Carolyn and I walked on over for the 8:30 floorshow, and Gertie herself came over to our table, sang to me, and planted a big kiss on my forehead. :)

The reason the casino is called Diamond Tooth Gerties (plural) instead of Diamond Tooth Gertie's (possessive) is, I guess, because they have two different actresses who portray Gertie. The one above is Kelley O'Connor; the other was Tracy Nordick.

Although I don't gamble, Carolyn and I often walked down to Gerties in the evenings -- for the exercise and fresh air of the walk, and maybe to grab a slice of pizza from the snack bar or catch a bit of one of the three nightly floorshows. It was one of our favourite places in Dawson, and we're going to miss it.

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