Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Half a Wake ...

I sent the first 207 manuscript pages of Wake -- about half the book -- to Barbara Berson, my editor at Penguin Canada, today (and I'll be sending her and Ginjer Buchanan, my US editor, the rest next month). Wake is the first volume of my new WWW trilogy.

I note for the record that I have the best friends ever. I wanted to have some fresh eyes look at the material before it went to my editor, so on Thursday, January 10, I gave the latest draft of the first 174 pages of the book to some beta-test readers -- and all these fine folks had detailed comments to me by Sunday night, January 13:
  • Ted Bleaney
  • David Clink
  • Marcel Gagné
  • Al Katerinsky
  • Herb Kauderer
  • Fiona Kelleghan
  • Ariel Reich
  • Sally Tomasevic
  • Hayden Trenholm
These fine folks dropped everything on incredibly short notice to help a friend in need, and I thank them profusely!

(That's Herb Kauderer above, writing his own fiction on the balcony of my penthouse back in September 2006.)

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