Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clearing my plate

Whew! I've at long last cleared my plate of all sorts of things I'd promised to do.

Over the last little while, I wrote an introduction to Jack McDevitt's new short story collection Cryptic, coming from Subterranean Press; I wrote introductions to two classic pulp reprints coming from the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box (the Polaris trilogy and the Palos trilogy); I did an article on book promotion for the newsletter of The Writers' Union of Canada; I recorded audio introductions for's versions of Calculating God, Hominids, Humans, and Hybrids; I finished my editorial work on Fiona Kelleghan's forthcoming anthology The Savage Humanists; I attended a bunch of meetings at the CBC; attended the "Local Authors Night" sponsored by the Mississauga Public Library; spoke at the Creative Book Publishing Program at Humber College; spoke to a high-school English class; did a live debate for The Walrus magazine; and oodles more.

But be warned, world! I'm not taking on anything else (well, at least not unless you dangle real money in front of me) for the rest of the year. I've got to work on Watch (the sequel to Wake) plus a couple of other big projects (about which more soon). It's nose-to-the-grindstone time for the Robman. :)

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