Sunday, May 11, 2008

Orthopedic Horseshoes

Herb Kauderer and Al Katerinsky, who live in Western New York, have a show on Think Twice Radio called Orthopedic Horseshoes. They interviewed me for half an hour -- without any prep, I must say: I was simply asked cold, "What makes you cranky?"

And off we went, discussing (as the web site says), "gas prices & red herrings, a national vision for all mankind or at least for energy policy, loving America, the military draft, JFK’s legacy, Uncle Sam and the Tar Baby, and who really puts money in your pocket."

Check it out here. You want the show for "5/9/08," which Americans think is May 9, 2008 ... ;)

(And, yes, attentive readers of my books will recognize Al's name: the disease Katerinsky's Syndrome in my novel Mindscan is named after him ...)

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