Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heeeeere's Enik!

Enik was the coolest character on The Land of the Lost, the NBC Saturday morning half-hour live-action SF show from the 1970s that had David Gerrold as story editor.

And I scored one of the above at Comic-Con: one of 480 Enik banks. Enik was an Altrursian, the ancestors of the Sleestaks (it was quite a shock for him to discover that his civilizaiton had fallen and his people devolved to barbarism). They were introduced in the episode "The Stranger" written by none other than Star Trek's Walter Koenig (who also wrote one of the best animated Star Treks, "The Infinite Vulcan."

As I mentioned earlier, I had dinner with Walter Koenig on Thursday night at San Diego Comic-Con. David Gerrold, Carolyn, and I were a bit late joining our dinner party (we were meeting in the exhibition hall, and we'd ended up going the wrong way; to make it back to the other end is a major undertaking).

Walter was only at the con for that one day, and as we were going by the Funko booth, David wanted to stop to look at the giant Sleestak figure (below), but Walter was in a hurry to get to dinner (since he was heading back up to L.A. afterwards), and wouldn't let us stop ... so, ironically, he missed seeing the wall display of action figures based on a character he created! (Neither David nor I noticed the Enik figures as we were whipping by the booth -- but we both went back the next day, and David cadged Eniks for both himself and Walter. Very kind of him!)
"I cannot allow your sacrifice to be greater than mine." --Enik the Altrusian to Will Marshall in Walter's script


At July 29, 2008 11:27 AM , OpenID markonweb said...

Very cool that you had dinner with David & Bester er I mean Walter (sorry... huge B5 fan as well as LoTL fan). I had someone score me one at the con and I ordered another one online so that I can give him a custom orange disco vest, funky pendant and a ruby bracelet.


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