Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching up with friends

These days, so much of my communication with people is via email. That's certainly efficient. But, still ...

So, in the last couple of days I picked up the phone, and called two of my closest friends -- people I hadn't talked to in far too long. And it was great to just hear their voices, catch up on what they're doing (all of us are very busy). What was the old slogan for long-distance calling? "Reach out and touch someone ..." Well, here it was, many months since I'd even called these guys, and they're local calls.

Anyway, world, the update: Bram Stoker Award-winner Edo van Belkom (top) and World Fantasy Award-finalist Terence M. Green (bottom) are doing fine. :)

(I got Edo on my first try; I left a message yesterday for Terry, and he just called me back.)

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