Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cleared my plate!

Man, have I been swamped!

In the last month, I've had lots of writing projects that had to be done -- two major ones that I can't say anything about just now, but I got them done ahead of deadline (go, me!); another that I turned in yesterday on deadline; and today I finished writing my keynote address for next week's conference of the Canadian chapter of Meeting Professionals International (how meta is that -- a meeting about planning meetings!).

In fact, I have nothing left to do besides working on Watch, my next novel, except for writing and recording some audio introductions to Arthur C. Clarke novels for -- and those aren't due for a month.

Man, it feels good to have some breathing room!

But there's no rest for the wicked! Tomorrow night begins the second-ever Mississauga Write-Off at Carolyn and my place: a bunch of writers converging on our penthouse for the long Labour Day weekend for an intensive writing retreat. The first three out-of-towners arrive tomorrow -- Thursday -- night, so we can get a good start first thing Friday morning, and we'll go through late Monday afternoon.

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