Monday, September 1, 2008

Photos from 2008 Mississauga Write-Off

The 2008 Mississauga Write-Off, which began Thursday evening, August 29, and finished this afternoon, Monday, September 1, was a great success. The weather was gorgeous throughout, and our balcony was put to good use:

Elizabeth Westbrook-Trenholm

Hayden Trenholm

Herb Kauderer

I did some work on the balcony, but also worked with my lovely dual-monitor setup in my office:

Robert J. Sawyer

Meanwhile, David Livingstone Clink worked at my alternative dual-monitor workstation in the living room.

Paddy Forde preferred the sun room; note the cover for the British edition of The Terminal Experiment on the wall

Carolyn worked in her office, but also kept an eye on things; here she wears a souvenir shirt from the last writing retreat she and I did -- in Dawson City, Yukon!

Al Katerinsky usually worked on the kitchen table, but here is taking a break on the living-room couch.

All in all, a wonderful four days!

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At September 03, 2008 5:16 PM , Blogger Suzanne said...

Great shots, Rob.

You have to stop having this write-off on the Labour Day weekend, because it conflicts with Dragon*Con!

Seriously, I'd love to attend one of these years.


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