Saturday, January 10, 2009

Analog electronic back issues with Wake

Did you miss any of the four installments of my novel Wake as it was serialized recently in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine? The electronic versions of the four issues in question are all still available for a while longer from price gets you all these format: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Adobe Acrobat Large Print (PDF), eReader (PDB), Palm Doc (PDB), Rocket/REB1100 (RB), Microsoft Reader (LIT), Franklin eBookMan (FUB), hiebook (KML), Sony Reader (LRF), iSilo (PDB), Mobipocket, Kindle Compatible (MOBI), and OEBFF Format (IMP).

(Or you can buy the hardcover when it comes out in April 2009!)

The Robert J. Sawyer Web Site

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At January 10, 2009 11:19 PM , Blogger flit said...

This is the one that is with Penguin? That works for me :) Everyone (that I like to read) should publish only with Penguin. Seriously!

Just came by to look at buying an autographed book or two for hubby ... he is hoarding Hominids (double-checking the spelling) at the moment - and has determined that I am allowed to buy others of your books - for him, not for me, of course. I have enough books, he thinks. As if.

He was more than a little impressed that you commented on my blog, by the way. Thanks for that... anything that makes him resent my incessant "tippy-typing" less is much appreciated.


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