Saturday, January 10, 2009

An anti-Hugo suggestion

A friend sent me an email today suggesting he was going to nominate me for the Hugo for Best Professional Editor (Long Form), for the work I do on Robert J. Sawyer Books. My reply:
That's super-kind of you, but I just don't deserve it. I edited just two books last year (granted, very good ones by Nick DiChario and Fiona Kelleghan -- how could I go wrong?). But I'd die if someone worthy, like Ginjer Buchanan or Susan Allison or Beth Meacham or Lou Anders or Jim Frenkel got squeezed off the ballot because I'd made it on.
Same thing goes for the Auroras, folks, and the "Best Professional (Other)" category. That's where you'd nominate Brian Hades of Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy, On Spec, Neo-Opsis, the anthologies Tesseracts 12, Michael Berman's excellent chollection of scholarly essays The Everyday Fantastic, and so on. You only get three nominations for the Auroras; don't waste one on me in this category.

(And see The Canadian SF Works Database for other good suggestions.)

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