Thursday, January 1, 2009

Aurora Award nominations now open

From Clint Budd, Aurora Award administrator (with a big shout out of congrats to Clint for getting nominations rolling so early!):

THE AURORAS! -- This year at Worldcon!

Aurora Awards website

Nominations open January 1st, 2009, and close February 28th, 2009.

An on-line and a printable nomination form is at here.

Partial list of eligible works at the Canadian SF Works Database.

LITERARY AWARDS: If you are nominating a written work (Novel, Short Story, etc.) that isn't listed in the Canadian SF Works Database PLEASE include Author, Title, Publisher, *Publication Date*, and (if its published in a magazine, anthology etc.) -- the name of the publication. If you know of a website that has all this info -- put in the website address instead -- to save time and space. Please consider adding your nominated work to Canadian SF Works Database.

Just the name of the author or work is not enough.

ART AWARD: if you are nominating an artist, PLEASE list a published or displayed work and where it was published or displayed. JUST THE NAME OF THE ARTIST IS NOT ENOUGH.

FAN ACHIEVEMENT (Publication): PLEASE list the name of the fannish newsletter or amateur publication and the Publisher/Editor's name and contact info.

Note: the rule excluding club fanzines is still in effect. A new amendment was adopted at the last Business Meeting (Keycon 2008) but will have to be ratified at the next Business Meeting (Anticipation/Worldcon 2009).

FAN ACHIEVEMENT (Organizational): PLEASE list the specific organizational achievement that you are nominating the person for. PLEASE list the name of the Organizer nominated, and the event, date and location the event occurred at.

FAN ACHIEVEMENT (Other): PLEASE specifically describe the activity you're nominating for (i.e. "filking" is NOT specific enough -- this is an award for Achievement), the name of the person nominated and contact info.

[Constitution definition: Fan Achievement (other): For Canadian fan activity in the previous calendar year not encompassed by the previous two subsections. For example: multi-media presentation, music, art, apas, fan-writing, etc.]

Aurora Awards website

The Robert J. Sawyer Web Site


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