Friday, March 13, 2009

All the Hugo and Nebula winners: just $116,530

My friend David Aronovitz has just listed a one-of-a-kind library of first editions on all the Hugo and Nebula Award winning novels, first editions, 95% of them signed or inscribed. Wow! See here.

I very fondly remember visiting David's house in Michigan in January 2004, and having a tour of his amazing collection of first editions.

(The set includes a hardcover of my 2003 Hugo-winning novel Hominids, the original mass-market paperback first-printing of my 1995 Nebula-winning novel The Terminal Experiment, and the later first hardcover of that book, as well, all signed.)

(Hint: if you have to ask if the $116,530 is Canadian or American dollars, you probably can't aford this ...)

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