Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flash Forward on location

Today was outdoor location shooting for Flash Forward, the ABC TV series pilot based on my novel of the same name.

Carolyn and I were on hand from 7:45 a.m until noon, then had to head to LAX for the flight back to Toronto. We had an incredible three days in Los Angeles. Everybody treated us spectacularly well. As I said to Carolyn, the trip simply could not have gone better. :) This has been one of the peak experiences of my life.

I can't say enough about how kind executive producers David S. Goyer, Brannon Braga, and Jessika Borsiczky Goyer have been to Carolyn and me. David kept taking time out from directing to show us things (including the incredible matte paintings Kevin Blank has created for us, and the amazing "sizzle" reel David has put together of the highlights shot so far -- it looks like the trailer for the best damn movie you've ever seen); Jessika made sure we were introduced to everybody; and Brannon kept saying nice things and talking to me about writing. David, Jessika, and Brannon have known each other and worked together for years, but they made us feel like part of their family; it was wonderful.

I was frankly astonished (and thrilled!) by how much attention was paid to me by people, and how many had read or were reading my novel Flash Forward (series regulars Joseph Fiennes, Sonya Walger, and Zachary Knighton have all read it, special-effects wiz Kevin Blank had just started it on his Kindle, etc. etc.). Brannon quipped to David that he was envious because I work in publishing -- an industry in which writers are respected. :)

My biggest thanks, of course, go to my Hollywood agent Vince Gerardis of Created By (who was gently teasing me on Thursday night because four years ago we'd had another offer on the property from a major television player and I'd been reluctant to walk away from it even though Vince said we should, because he felt we could do much better. Now, of course, I'm thrilled that we did walk away).

The buzz from ABC and the industry press is incredibly positive about Flash Forward. It seems highly likely that we'll be picked up for the Fall 2009 season. We'll know for sure by May 17 -- and ABC will announce its fall line-up over two days on May 18 and 19.

A few more pictures:

David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga, authors of the pilot script based on the novel Flash Forward by Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer and Katie Greisiger, the amazing assistant to Jessika Goyer

Carolyn Clink and series star Joseph Fiennes, of Shakespeare in Love fame

Tony Stevens (stand-in for Joseph Fiennes), Jennifer Dunn (stand-in for Sonya Walger), and Sheila Louie (the on-set medic)

Carolyn Clink, Brannon Braga, and Robert J. Sawyer

Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, and Robert J. Sawyer -- it was a chilly morning in L.A., so we're all bundled up.

Robert J. Sawyer and Kevin Blank. Kevin was the special-effects genius on Lost and Cloverfield -- and now he's doing astonishing work on Flash Forward; I was stunned by the samples I was shown.


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At March 08, 2009 7:47 AM , Blogger jim0052 said...

This is great stuff, Rob. Thanks for giving us a peek behind the scenes. I hope the show is a huge hit and runs forever.
Jim Stevens-Arce

At March 09, 2009 4:10 AM , Blogger TheHade said...

Thank you very much, Mr. Sawyer!
I'm glad Kevin Blank is involved in this: I loved the way he brought the polar bears to life on LOST! :-)


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