Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More on Flash Forward at SciFi.com

Part 2 (of 2) of SciFi.com's interview with me about the ABC adaptation of my novel Flash Forward is now up right here.

The interviewer is Karen Hayes.

The Robert J. Sawyer Web Site

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At March 30, 2009 2:22 PM , Blogger TheHade said...

Thank you for linking these interviews! They were very interesting (By the way, in her own blog Mrs. Hayes speaks very favourably about your work in general and your interview in particular!).
I'd love to know more about the 2007 meeting in L.A. and the reasons for the changes!
Why was the setting changed from CERN to LA, e.g.?
Why were the main characters changed from scientists to FBI agents?
Why was the length of the phenomen changed from one minute, 43 seconds to two minutes, 17 seconds?
Why are the characters' conciousness catapulted only about five months - instead of more than 20 years - into the future?
I can see how some of these changes (L.A., five months) make the show less expensive. I also think a slightly longer flashforward will look more intriguing on TV. But I don't understand why the main characters' profession has to be something as common as glorified policemen ... Scientists would make much more sense to me! And if all else fails you could have gone with a librarian! :-)
I know, you probably aren't allowed to talk about these things, yet ... So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for these issues to be tackled in the DVD bonus features!

At March 30, 2009 2:33 PM , Blogger RobertJSawyer said...

Hi, TheHade. Well, first, I'm not confirming any of the changes you've suggested might have been made.

And, second, even though I've said less of substance about this series than almost anyone else involved, I'm trying to be a good boy and keep my mouth mostly shut. :)

I will say this, though: at no time during any creative discussions did anyone ever mention budget: nobody has been looking for ways to do this on the cheap, and ABC has spent a lot of money on this pilot. Whatever changes might have been made were made for creative reasons, not to save a buck or two. :)

At March 31, 2009 2:41 PM , Blogger TheHade said...

Dear Mr. Sawyer, thank you very much for your reply.
You're a good boy indeed and I appreciate that!
I'd thought the details I'd mentioned were open for discussion since they already were revealed by the "Hollywood Reporter", e.g., many months ago.
Would you be willing to answer my questions on the subject of changes made to your material at a later time, please?
If so, when will your "radio silence" end?
Finally I hope my curiosity doesn't bother you too much. Thank you very much for your patience. I appreciate it!


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