Sunday, March 22, 2009


So, I spent a lovely afternoon here in Orlando, in the shade by the pool, working on revisions to Watch, the second volume of my WWW trilogy.

My beta-test readers have been getting back to me, and I must say the response has been extremely positive, but these comments from one particular reader made my day:
The last ten pages or so of this novel had me exceptionally transported. When I finished the last page, I paused; and the next thought I had was, “He’s fucked. How the hell is he going to top this?” But I’m looking forward to finding out.

I spent a while trying to decide if this was the best “middle book” of a trilogy ever. The only thing that I could come up with that comes close is the middle book of F. M. Busby’s Demu Trilogy ... Watch is a great book.

The Robert J. Sawyer Web Site



At March 22, 2009 11:00 PM , OpenID rvitelli said...

And we have to wait how long to see this book again?

At March 23, 2009 12:11 AM , Blogger George B. said...


That's one heckuva cover blurb.

At March 24, 2009 7:57 AM , Blogger John F said...

I agree, George B.!:

“He’s fucked. How the hell is he going to top this?” - Harold Bloom



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