Friday, May 22, 2009

Federations interview

John Joseph Adams recently interviewed me about my story "The Shoulders of Giants," which appears in his just-released anthology Federations. Among the things I say:
Those who’ve read my recent novels have seen that I don’t have much interest in antagonists; I think the idea that all fiction is fundamentally about conflict, and you need a good guy and a bad guy is simply not true; my latest novel Rollback has no antagonist, for instance, and I don’t really think there’s one in my upcoming Wake, either. Well, I wrote “The Shoulders of Giants” in 1999, when I was experimenting with making exciting fiction that only had good guys in it; that was a challenge, but I like to think I pulled it off.
You can read the whole interview right here.

Federations is available in print everywhere, and Fictionwise just released it as a multi-format ebook -- woohoo!

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