Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SFScope reviews Wake

Ian Randal Strock -- formerly of Analog magazine and Science Fiction Chronicle (and one of those who tried out for the job of book reviewer at Analog in the wake of Tom Easton's departure; the job went to Don Sakers) -- reviews my novel Wake over at SF news site SFScope.

The review includes a quite lengthy and detailed plot synopsis, which covers pretty much right to the end of the book -- a fair bit more synopsizing than most other reviewers would consider appropriate, so spoiler warning on reading it all. But he concludes:
Sawyer's story-telling style is almost invisible to the reader; he doesn't get in the way of his own story, and writes short, punchy chapters that keep the reader saying "just one more". (It's the type of book I love when I've finished, but hate while I'm reading, because I can't put it down.) His characters are fully realized, and I always finish his books wanting more.
The whole review is here, but, again, spoiler warning on the synopsis; if you just want Strock's analysis, read only the first and last paragraphs. :)
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