Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CLS: Tempus fugit

Carolyn and I have been in Saskatoon for two full weeks now. Incredibly, my writer-in-residence gig at the Canadian Light Source, Canada's national synchrotron, is already one-quarter over.

But what a two weeks it's been. During it, I:
  • Did safety training at CLS
  • Was interviewed by CBC Radio One in Saskatoon
  • Was interviewed by CBC Televison (the story carried
  • Was interviewed by CTV News Saskatoon
  • Was interviewed by Shaw Cable Saskatoon
  • Did a pre-interview for a documentary about the CLS
  • Did a podcast (about which more later) related to Wake
  • Attended Edward Willett's book launch at McNally Robinson
  • Had my own book launch for Wake at cNally Robinson (and hit #2 on the Saskatoon StarPhoenix bestsellers' list
  • Attended a dinner party at Yann Martel and Alice Kuipers' place
  • Attended a barbecue at Matthew Dalzell's place (Matt's my supervisor at CLS)
  • Gave two one-hour how-to-write seminars at CLS, one on generating story ideas and the other on how to start a story
  • Gave a talk at a local high school (Centennial Collegiage)
  • Gave talk to the Saskatoon Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
  • Gave a talk to the computer-science department at the University of Saskatchewan
  • Flew to Calgary for this past weekend
  • Attended VulCON 16: Spock Days / Galaxyfest in Vulcan, Alberta
  • Attended (and gave a reading at) the big season launch party for EDGE Publishing in Calgary
  • Did 13 one-on-one hour-long consultations with local writers in Saskatoon (having read and prepared critiques of their manuscripts in advance)
  • And, oh, yes, wrote the first 2,100 words of Wonder, the hird WWW novel
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