Saturday, August 8, 2009

Distant Early Warnings #1 Saskatoon bestseller

... on the McNally Robinson Saskatoon trade-paperback bestsellers list and Calculating God is #10 on the trade list.

Meanwhile, Wake is #10 on the hardcover list, and Flash Forward is #5 on the mass-market list. Great way to end my residency at the Canadian Light Source!

Current McNally Robinson Saskatoon trade-paperback bestsellers' list:

1. Distant Early Warnings
By Robert J. Ed Sawyer

2. My Stroke Of Insight
By Jill Bolte Taylor

3. The Book of Negroes
By Laurence Hill

4. Waiter Rant
By Dublanica Steve

5. The Gargoyle
By Andrew Davidson

6. Water for Elephants
By Sara Gruen

7. Secret Lives Of Sargeant John Wilson
By Lois Simmie

8. 1434
By Gavin Menzies

9. Our Towns: Saskatchewan Communities from Abbey to Zenon Park
By David Mclennan

10. Calculating God
By Robert J. Sawyer

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