Saturday, September 12, 2009

And while I'm being grouchy ...

A response to the person who decided to nitpick about one sentence in a 12-minute radio interview I did a week ago:
An interview is a pop quiz -- you have to answer live on air immediately, often about things you haven't thought about for years. We who are brave enough to go on the air don't have the luxury of waiting days to compose a response and then emailing it at our leisure. :) Still, thank you for your comment.

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At September 12, 2009 11:18 PM , Blogger ZMollon said...

Job interviews are bad enough, so I have a great deal of respect for anyone who is interviewed and puts their reputation, or dignity, potentially on the line in trillions of people. I've always found you to be well-spoken and entertaining, so no worries.


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