Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marc Guggenheim says, "Pick up the novel."

People keep asking me if they should read my novel FlashForward, or whether doing so will spoil the fun of watching the new TV series based on it.

Rather than answer that myself, I'll just repeat what FlashForward showrunner Marc Guggenheim says in the October 1, 2009, edition of The Age, a daily newspaper in Melboure, Australia:
Guggenheim hopes the show's fans will pick up Sawyer's book. "That's part of the fun, trying to figure out what has happened, and I really encourage people to play along, pick up the novel, you never know what inspired us, what we used, or whether I'm misdirecting you by saying we didn't take anything from the novel. As for the show, record it, pause it, glean through it for hidden clues. That's part of the experience for some people."
You can read the full interview with Marc here, and more about the novel is here.
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At October 06, 2009 6:14 PM , Blogger FWSWKayaker said...

The Novel is absolutely Brilliant.
Thank you for such an awesome read.


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