Monday, January 4, 2010


Those who've read my novel Wake know that an orangutan named Virgil figures in the plot. My Virgil is named for the character played by Paul Williams in Battle for the Planet of the Apes, and, according to the nifty Yahoo! Groups Planet of the Apes group (of which I'm a member), he'll be named Time magazine's Simian of the Year in 2018!
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At January 05, 2010 5:42 AM , OpenID 6p00d834523c1e69e2 said...

So the world won't end in 2012 after all? Thanks for the reassurance.

At January 06, 2010 1:16 AM , Blogger g d townshende said...

Ah, there's a series I haven't seen in ages! Loved Planet of the Apes! I especially liked Roddy McDowall's character, Galen.


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