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Audio Interviews with Rob about Rollback:


  • Hear Rob interviewed about Hominids on the long-running SF radio program Hour 25 (Rob is on the Friday, June 21, 2002, edition, available online).

  • Hear Rob read from Hominids as part of SciFiAudio

    Illegal Alien

    I've known Toronto radio producer Peter Reynolds for fifteen years — he's one of the best in the business. In December 1997, Peter produced two RealAudio clips of me, and, with his kind permission, I'm offering them here. You'll need a RealAudio player attached to your web browser in order to hear these.

    • An interview with Robert J. Sawyer conducted in December 1997 by Toronto radio producer Peter Reynolds (3 minutes, 36 seconds; 422 kilobytes).

    • Rob reading from his ninth novel Illegal Alien, recorded in December 1997 by Toronto radio producer Peter Reynolds (3 minutes, 16 seconds; 381 kilobytes).

    To set the scene, please read this brief introduction first:
    Illegal Alien is a courtroom drama with an extraterrestrial defendant. An alien from Alpha Centauri named Hask is accused of murdering Cletus Calhoun, the host of the popular PBS astronomy series Great Balls of Fire! Before he can stand trial, it first must be determined whether he is psychologically fit. Toward that end, his defense team, including prominent African-American civil-rights attorney Dale B. Rice and Frank Nobilio, the science advisor to the U.S. president, arrange for him to be examined by a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Lloyd Penney. Listen now as author Robert J. Sawyer reads the scene in which Dr. Penney interviews the alien, Hask . . .

    How to Write

    • Rob's lecture on "Point of View" from Odyssey: The Fantasy Writing Workshop in 2006

    • Rob's lecture on "Is your SF element extraneous?" from Odyssey: The Fantasy Writing Workshop in 2006

    • A 37-minute podcast produced by Tee Morris featuring Rob discussing what authors can do to help market their science fiction and fantasy books

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