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Georgia congressman files amicus brief in Ed Kramer case

by Rob - August 20th, 2007.
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The brief, filed by Georgia Congressman Bob Barr on August 17, 2007, begins:

There is an overwhelming sense of injustice that pervades all of what has happened to Petitioner Appellant Edward Kramer. The Georgia and United States Constitution Amendments that have been violated are, at minimum, The First, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth as implicated through the auspices of the Fourteenth Amendment. This Court has also previously found that officers of Gwinnett violated the Fourth Amendment (See, State v. Kramer, AO2A1846, March 26, 2003).

And it ends:

The balance is so profoundly in favor of Ed Kramer; the conduct of Gwinnett County so egregious; and the Constitutions so abused that this Court has a wonderful opportunity to take a stand on behalf of right and to rectify these wrongs forcefully so that no subdivision of this State is ever again tempted to treat one of its citizens so badly.

Read the whole brief here. Ed Kramer is a renowned editor in the horror field, founder of Dragon*Con, and my dear friend.

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