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The Terminal Experiment

[Cover Art][Cover Art]

North American edition (left); Analog serialization (right)

The North American edition of The Terminal Experiment, is published by HarperPrism (ISBN 0-061-05310-4). This is the third-printing version, released in October 1996. The first two printings had the words "THE TERMINAL EXPERIMENT" embossed and gold-stamped. This printing adds the "Best Novel Nebula Award Winner" starburst. Also, the first printing had the words "Science Fiction" on the spine; the second and subsequent printings changed that to just "Fiction," in hopes of going after more of Michael Crichton's audience. Cover art by Joe Burleson.

Cover of the Mid-December 1994 issue of Analog, which contains the first installment of the serialization of The Terminal Experiment by Robert J. Sawyer. In the serialized version, the novel appeared under Rob's original title, Hobson's Choice. Cover art by David Cherry.

[Cover Art][Cover Art]

Science Fiction Book Club edition (left); British edition (right)

The terrific collage on the cover of the Science Fiction Book Club hardcover edition is by Joe Burleson, who also did the much different US paperback cover.

The British edition of The Terminal Experiment is published by New English Library (ISBN 0-340-63223-2). Cover art by Fred Gambino. I liked this painting so much, I bought the original from Fred.

[Cover Art][Cover Art]

Dutch edition (left); French edition (right)

The Dutch edition, De God In De Machine, is published by Meulenhoff (ISBN 90-290-5414-X).

The French edition, Expérience Terminale, is published by J'ai Lu (ISBN 2-290-04703-1). Cover art by Hubert de Lartigue.

[Cover Art][Cover Art]

German edition (left); Italian edition (right)

The German edition, Die dritte Simulation, is published by Goldmann (ISBN 3-442-24758-6). (Cover scan courtesy of Florian Breitsameter.)

The Italian edition, Killer On-Line, is published by Editrice Nord (ISBN 8-842-90903-3). In Italy, it's considered very trendy to have English words on book covers, so Piergiorgio Nicolazzini, my Italian Editor, retitled the book as the English "Killer On-Line," even though the text is in Italian. The black bar declaring "Premio Nebula 1996" is actually a separate band that wraps around the dust jacket.

[Cover Art][Cover Art]

Japanese edition (left); Polish edition (right)

The Japanese edition is published by Hayakawa (ISBN 4-15-011192-8). Note the "J." in the middle of the byline; the Japanese don't use middle initials, so they leave it as an English letter.

The Polish edition, Eksperyment Terminalny, is published by Zysk I S-Ka, Wydawnictwo (ISBN 8-371-50247-8). Interestingly, the same painting was used on an American edition of Robert A. Heinlein's Time Enough for Love. Cover art by James Warhola.

[Spanish Cover Art][Canadian Art]

Spanish edition (left); Canadian edition (right)

The Spanish edition, El experimento terminal, is published by Ediciones B (ISBN 84-406-7934-3). Cover art by Maya & Cardil.

The Canadian edition, is published by Penguin Canada (ISBN 978-0-14-317511-7). Cover photograph by Francesca Gambi/Getty Images. Cover design by David A. Gee.

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