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If you purchase a copy of Hominids from my website, you will receive the Canadian edition of the book. "Why?" you may ask.

I buy my stock through H. B. Fenn, the Canadian distributor for Tor Books (I have an account with them, just like any other vendor). But, since my last book was a top-ten national mainstream bestseller in Canada, Tor and Fenn decided to do slightly different covers for the Canadian and the U.S. marketplace. The wonderful art, by Donato Giancola, is the same, but the review quotes are different (mostly Canadian mainstream sources on the Canadian edition; mostly US genre sources on the US edition), and only the Canadian price appears on the Canadian edition. The actual book is identical, but the covers are different states.

As to which state is more valuable to a collector, I haven't a clue. I had reported bookstore sightings of the book in Canada before any in the U.S., which would make the Canadian state the true first edition. Also, the Canadian cover is a variant, and therefore sometimes considered more rare. On the other hand, in sports trading cards, the Canadian versions (with French and English text) are usually less valuable than the American ones, so who the heck knows? .

Anyway, I'm selling autographed copies with the Canadian cover at the US cover price through my web site. If you'd prefer to send me an American copy for signature, send me an E-mail and that can be arranged.

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