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Robert J. Sawyer's Frameshift

Winner of the Seiun Award

Finalist for the Hugo Award

Press Releases:

Alternative-Worlds.com: "An exciting action-packed medical thriller that grips the audience from the moment readers meet Pierre and never slows down until the final twist. Readers will finish this thriller in one exciting sitting."

Analog: "You hardly need me to tell you to buy Robert J. Sawyer's latest novel, Frameshift. You know it's good, interesting, and thought provoking. The issues Sawyer is dealing with are not easy ones, but he builds an effective story from them."

Artemis Magazine: "Sawyer uses brief, punchy chapters (like some of the Heinlein novels I recall). You'll find yourself sucked in and unable to put it down until you reach the end. An engaging read."

Booklist: "An unputdownable thriller."

The Calgary Herald: "A finely crafted novel with a riveting plot and complex characters, deftly exploring issues of bio-ethics and moral philosophy. By using the metaphor of a murder investigation, told in parallel to the scientific activities of his main character, Sawyer succeeds in illuminating aspects of science as a human activity. Sawyer's is a rather hopeful vision. Perhaps this is his Canadian upbringing showing, a belief in the potential of civil society to overcome the narrow interests of profit and bigotry to create a better world. Sawyer sees the dark sides of technological change and globalization, yet remains hopeful that we, as a society, can overcome them. After reading Frameshift, so do I."

Barnes and Noble's Explorations: "This book should be a major novel for a larger audience than the one which visits the science fiction section: a moving, exciting, touching, suspense-laden wonder. I cannot recommend it more highly. Sawyer has my vote for the next Nebula and Hugo awards."

Kirkus: "Exciting and engrossing."

Library Journal: "A gripping medical SF thriller. Highly recommended." (Included on Library Journal's list of the five best SF novels of 1997.)

The New York Times: "Robert J. Sawyer is a writer of boundless confidence. His latest book is filled to bursting with ideas, characters, incident, and page after page of bold scientific extrapolation. Frameshift seems designed for the big screen."

SF Signal: "Very thought-provoking, well done characters, great suspense, very believable."

Starlog: "Fine writing, engaging characters, convincing science, and a detailed, if horrific, historical background."

The Toronto Star: "Sawyer pushes the envelope, delivering the real thing with subtlety and great skill."

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