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Robert J. Sawyer's Humans

"A solid sequel to Hominids; extremely well done. When complete, the Neanderthal Parallax should add significantly to Sawyer's reputation." — Publishers Weekly

"The Neanderthal Parallax is tremendous storytelling, with a convincing scientific basis, but at its core, it is science fiction as social commentary. Humans is worth reading for the quality of Sawyer's vision and insight, the near-possibility of his scientific departures, and the depth of his social criticism." — Quill & Quire

"The most unusual love story you've ever read. Sawyer, who's among the most creative of today's science-fiction writers, excels in creating a parallel Earth where social mores have evolved on an alien plane and, yet, where much of the planet is as it would have been had we not begun destroying its ecology. Because Sawyer is such an accomplished storyteller, readers will probably enjoy Humans in isolation, but reading Hominids first is highly recommended." — Denver Rocky Mountain News

"Both a love story and an exploration of metaphysics and philosophy; a novel of big ideas. The reader is challenged to think about what he or she believes and why. In my review of Hominids, I said I could see that novel being used in a utopian literature or science fiction course, and anthro and sociology courses. I still would argue this for Humans, but would also argue this novel could be used in a religion or philosophy course. Its examining and questioning such issues as our belief systems, organized religion, and ecological responsibility allows for many teaching possibilities. Recommended." — SFRA Review

"Rob Sawyer continues his fascinating exploration of human/Neanderthal intertwining destinies. When it comes to stories that showcase hard-edged science and anthropological puzzles in believable settings and appealing characters, nobody does it better than Sawyer. If you've ever thought about how we emerged as a species — and what other possible avenues might have been open — this novel and this trilogy are for you." — Paul Levinson author of The Consciousness Plague

"The biggest job of science fiction is to portray the Other. To help us imagine the strange and see the familiar in eerie new ways. Nobody explores this territory more boldly than Robert Sawyer." — David Brin

"Hi-tech Neanderthals from a parallel continuum, with a social system like none we ever heard of. Can two very different people bridge that gap? While our world begins changes we can only try to understand. In Humans, Sawyer gives us a rich mix of mind-stretching concepts and personal crises." — F. M. Busby

"Sawyer takes on guns, religious assumptions, automobiles, and even the Big Bang in this highly entertaining tale of a (more or less) rational Outsider. The chapter at the Vietnam Wall should be required reading for anyone who wishes to sit in the oval office." — Jack McDevitt

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