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Robert J. Sawyer's Fossil Hunter

Tom Easton in Analog (New York): "A very interesting piece of work, quite satisfying on its own. Bridges between the very enticing first entry in the series and Sawyer's goal, whatever that might be. I'm looking forward to finding out."

Bakka Books in-store review (Toronto): "Using a seldom-seen classic style, Sawyer blend elements of mystery, romance and action-adventure into a rigorous hard-sf novel."

Books in Canada (Toronto): "Sawyer, who has already collected a heap of awards and critical praise, will only add to his quickly growing reputation with his latest novel. The plot is a deft blending of fantastic adventure with an uncanny allegory of the human condition. The beleaguered Quintaglios must deal, in one way or another, with all the thorny issues that plague life here on Earth: famine, war, territoriality and tribalism, class warfare, the erosion of cultural traditions, the price of heresy, and even (in an unsettling parallel) with the controversy over abortion and birth control. Sawyer's narrative brilliance is such that he can tackle all these serious topics and still deliver an entrancing, even charming story that keeps us hooked with sly cliff-hanger chapter endings. Although Fossil Hunter is obviously aimed at the SF crowd, it deserves a much wider readership."

Circular of Janus, Circle of Janus SF Club of Central Indiana: "Normally, this isn't the type of story I'd go bonkers about, but Sawyer puts his heart and soul into the story of his dinosaur people, and the result is solid and impressive. Highly recommended."

Geolog (newsmagazine of The Geological Association of Canada): "A great epic of the nascent scientific age. Half a dozen subplots covering diverse themes such as the origin of life and political machinations in the Royal Court, each a decent story in its own right, only add to the overall impact of the novel."

Terence M. Green, author of Shadow of Ashland: "Sawyer delivers a pyrotechnical display of credible scientific speculation with cosmic overtones, combined with the sure-handedness of fine story-telling: a novel up to his own high standards. He lets his Quintaglio epic stretch and grow to new heights, touching on the fabled Sense of Wonder."

KLIATT: Young Adult Paperback Book Guide (Newton, Massachusetts) (starred review "highlighting an exceptional book"): "Dissension, strife, power struggles and murder abound. Recommended."

Library Journal (New York): "Doctrines of evolution and creationism clash in an unexpected context in this thoughtful and compelling sf adventure, which belongs in most sf collections."

Now (Toronto): "Fossil Hunter caused me to miss my stop for the first time in many years of subway reading. Having journeyed to the world of the Quintaglios, I don't think I'll ever think of dinosaurs, nor of human progress, in quite the same way."

The New York Review of Science Fiction: "I'd seriously recommend Fossil Hunter as better than any high school biology text I've seen on classic Darwinian evolution."

Quill & Quire: Canada's Magazine of Book News and Reviews (Toronto) (starred review "indicating a book of exceptional merit"): "The characterization is brilliant, the plotting enviable, and the narrative technique tight and fast-paced. This is a completely successful novel that should be read by science fiction fans, by those who no longer read science fiction, and by those who never have. Fossil Hunter, like Far-Seer before it, is not just wonderful SF; it's wonderful fiction."

The Richmond Hill Liberal (Richmond Hill, Ontario): "A serious treatment of serious themes; a good read — filled with intriguing notions. Sawyer develops the main characters into complex, well-rounded people. Fossil Hunter will whet the appetite to return to this fascinating world."

Science Fiction Chronicle (New York): "Every bit as good as its excellent predecessor [Far-Seer]. Makes me more anxious than ever to see the final volume."

The Toronto Star: "A superlative science-fiction novel. Sawyer has created a perfectly believable society populated by distinct and fully realized characters. Strongly recommended."

Under the Ozone Hole (Vancouver): "Another cracking good adventure yarn. Blends elements of detective fiction with science and sociology . . . handled by the author with clear, energetic writing that will appeal to many readers of speculative adventure fiction."

Voice of Youth Advocates: "Sawyer has done an admirable job."

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